Oct 20, 2005

So I forgot that today the Army element here is taking their PT test. I went into the locker room to change for PT and it was overrun with people changing after the test. Not only that, but there was no hot water! Anyway, I decided to skip PT this morning and just slap on my BDUs. I'll need to take a shower when I get home tonight. I might do PT near the end of the day, but we'll see.

This morning when I was going down to the metro, I got my Express and fished out the Weekend Pass section, which I usually find pretty useless. I got it out and noticed a metro police man leaning up against the newspaper recycle bin. I said excuse me to him and put my Pass in to it and noticed he was mesmerized by something. I looked where he was looking and there was a lady with a dog fumbling with the turnstile. I recognized her from the other day in the building, she has no arms and a assistance dog. I went thru the other turnstile and looked back to see what she was fussing over. The poor lady was trying to fetch the metro ticket from the top of the turnstile with her toes but it didn't pop up high enough! I just grabbed it for her and slipped it between her toes for her. She was very grateful and was on her merry way, but then I remembered the cop... just standing there. Maybe he couldn't tell what she was up to, or maybe he didn't see that she had no arms, but man.. if someone is struggling, offer to help them out! I wonder how long he was going to let her fumble?

Oct 14, 2005