Nov 22, 2010

Step Two Down, On To Step Three

Well, the HSG procedure is complete. It was not pleasant at all. I was actually shocked at how much it hurt. But as soon as it was over the pain ended. They let Roger stay in the whole time. Dr. K said it's the first time in ten years he has let a husband stay in because he usually doesn't like them to see how much pain their wife is in. But Roger told him I have always been there for all his stuff and he wanted to be here with me. Dr. K told us during the procedure that everything looked good to him. The left fallopian tube was completely open and the right was not as open as the left but it should not hinder conception. So we're on to the next step which is the first day of my next cycle I have to call their office to inform them and they will set up a flow chart then make an appointment for me to come in and get the Clomid instructions and get ready to do the IUI. We will also be working with the cryobank to transport the frozen samples to Dr. K's office on the days of the IUI procedure. All this could happen as early as the end of next week but of course we won't know until it happens as my cycle is still not predictable. But of course we'll update the blog when we know something more definite.

Roger's blood work last week showed his white blood count went back up so he can continue on the clinical trial. We know him working 70+ hours a week for 19 days straight was not good for him. He is working towards getting more rest, eating healthier and taking better care of himself and we'll post about that in a few weeks. But the extreme overtime ended and he was able to get rest and is back to normal. We go to MD Anderson in Houston on Monday and Tuesday next week for his next MRI, echo-cardiogram and labs. We are excited about this next MRI as the last one two months ago showed no new growth. We are eager to hear what this one shows.

So please pray for what both of us are going through all at the same time. We hope and pray for everyone to have an amazing Thanksgiving. Of course, I'm hoping Texas A&M beats the hell out of the University of Texas. But Roger is hoping for the opposite. A house divided, only for four or so hours on Thanksgiving day during the football game. ~ Holly

Nov 10, 2010

Step Two

Step one for us getting pregnant while Roger is on the clinical trial drugs happened last Thursday. It was giving blood for a whole mess of tests. See the blog post Here We Go for more details on the blood tests. I even forgot one of the tests, Vitamin D, in that long list of blood tests. But I will be getting the results of the blood work tomorrow before my appointment.

The next step is an HSG procedure which will take place tomorrow, Thursday, November 11th, at 1:30 pm. Roger is going to go with me which I appreciate. I have been doing some research on the HSG procedure by reading websites and forums and watching YouTube videos. Most of these people make it sound super awful and painful, but again, I think there are some over exaggerators and drama queens out there. Just like with the mammogram, people kept telling me how much it hurt and how painful it was and it wasn't painful at all to me. I don't have any issues with annual exams either. So I'm hoping for the same with the HSG procedure.

I will admit I am very interested in the results for both the blood work and the HSG. I have been seeing a holistic chiropractor for a couple months working initially on allergies which I don't have right now and now getting off my ulcerative colitis medications. He has found a few other symptoms that show possible adrenal and thyroid issues. So we're working on that naturally and it will be interesting to see what those blood tests show. I am also interested in the HSG because the x-rays will be seen right there during the procedure and I will be able to see my own uterus and fallopian tubes and if there are any abnormalities. Yes, I know, I'm strange. But I have never been pregnant so I don't know what state all those are in for me. I am getting closer and closer to 40 years old so no telling what's going on in there.

So that's the latest with conception. I'll try to get Roger to post a blog about his current brain cancer clinical trial happenings. Although not much has changed since our last update. If you could pray for what we are going through tomorrow we would really appreciate it. And you know we'll let you know how it goes here on the blog. Thanks-Holly.

Nov 5, 2010

Serving Orphans

This past Sunday, November 7th was Orphan Sunday. It's an initiative to bring awareness to orphans, foster care, adoption and raise up people and organizations to stand in the gap for orphans and the families and organizations that support them. Our church, Austin New Church (ANC), has many families adopting this year and just recently supported two organizations that help orphans.

On October 23rd, a team of friends and family from our church called Restore the Orphan ran in the Chosen: Marathon for Adoption. I (Holly) personally ran the half marathon. It was very hard, but a lot of fun. I don't think I'll be running a half marathon again. You can see pictures of me running here and you can do a search for the last name of anyone you know who was running and see their pictures also. And you can see the elevation of the run from my RunKeeper activity but it didn't capture all of the run as I lost GPS signal at 10.19 miles. We had several fund-raising events leading up to the marathon for our own ABBA fund at church for the families adopting. Proceeds from the event will go directly to families adopting in our area and from our church.

October 31st was the fifth Sunday of the month so ANC always does church on those days in our community and city by serving at several different projects called Serve Austin Sunday. This month we held four garage sales all over Austin to raise money for Help End Local Poverty (HELP). Roger and I worked a huge garage sale of four Restore Communities (community groups) from our church and it was a great success. Long and exhausting but so worth it because we sold $3,572 worth of excess stuff we all had in our homes. All four garage sales together donated almost $11,000 to HELP. And with this donation they were able to complete the funding for their orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and complete the funding to dig a water well at their orphanage in Marondera, Zimbabwe. HELP sent a delegation to Haiti this past week and you can follow them on their visit at their blog.

Our next big event, Restore the Innocent, ANC & Restore Austin are partnering with HELP, Music for the City and Austin Angels to bring awareness to the injustice of sex-trafficking. It will be held on December 7th at 6:30 pm at the Blanton Museum of Art. We will be showing the film Call & Response then heading to an after party hosted by Music for the City to discuss the next steps for fighting this crisis. 100% of all proceeds will go to fighting human trafficking. So, join us in raising awareness and engaging the fight!