Oct 7, 2004

I have been sooo sick. It has been a while since a cold kicked my butt like this. I left work early yesterday and they pretty much told me to go home today. I came home and slept some more. My stomach has been a bit uneasy and I have been chowing down on chicken soup, jello and ginger ale. I took some more DayQuil today, but this coughing has given me a headache. I am off tomorrow, so I'll be able to sleep in. I guess I just need to rest this thing off.

I uploaded a smaller version of the slideshow that I created for the CrosspointDC retreat this past weekend. Check it out - I think we all did a great job. Click here to see it. They are going to play it again at church this weekend for all those that missed it or could not attend the retreat. Enjoy..

Oct 6, 2004

I went to a retreat with Crosspoint DC and had a blast! The retreat was this past weekend at the 4-H conference center in Front Royal, VA. The conference and speaker were great. But the scenery was terrific. I’ll try to post some pics soon. I’m not feeling too hot today. Monday I woke up from a nap and my throat felt sore. I ran out and got some Cold-Eeze, vitamin C drops and Chloraseptic. I slept okay Monday night but slept like crap last night. I kept waking up due to a cough and stuffy nose. Then I got a headache from being congested. I took some Advil and was finally able to get a few hours of sleep – I think I slept about 3-4 hours. Today at work I was a zombie. I bought some DayQuil to make me feel better, but it also made me sleepy, even though it is supposed to non-drowsy. I’m going to buy some NyQuil for tonight and go to sleep early. I need to kick this cold.

My dad will be here a week from today for a week! I am working over this weekend so that I can be off when he is here. I will only have to work one day while he’s here, but he’ll be able to venture out on his own just fine. I am very excited about him coming out here. It will be nice to spend some quality time with my old man.

The weather here is quite crisp! Lows last night were in the mid 40s. Highs today will only be in the low 60s. Fall is definitely here… it will warm up into the 70s later this week – but the warm humid weather should be gone for the most part.

I am now hosting a weekly Monday small group at my apartment. It is nice to have people over – makes it feel like home. This Monday I have to provide food though. I haven’t decided if I am going to cook or buy food. The first time we met there were fourteen people, but only six this last time. The numbers are hit or miss – that worries me a little bit. Let me know if you have any suggestions for me on what to cook.