Oct 7, 2004

I have been sooo sick. It has been a while since a cold kicked my butt like this. I left work early yesterday and they pretty much told me to go home today. I came home and slept some more. My stomach has been a bit uneasy and I have been chowing down on chicken soup, jello and ginger ale. I took some more DayQuil today, but this coughing has given me a headache. I am off tomorrow, so I'll be able to sleep in. I guess I just need to rest this thing off.

I uploaded a smaller version of the slideshow that I created for the CrosspointDC retreat this past weekend. Check it out - I think we all did a great job. Click here to see it. They are going to play it again at church this weekend for all those that missed it or could not attend the retreat. Enjoy..

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