Oct 27, 2006

New Order

I finally got my orders extending my deployment through the end of April 2007. We’ll hopefully be heading back to Texas at the end of Feb. What a relief! I have been working to get my Army paperwork in order so that I can go up for the E-7 promotion board. I am hoping to get promoted to Sergeant First Class before I head back home.

I discovered today that my friend, Matt P, also had various pictures of Matt O’s wedding in St. Louis. There are several albums, so here they are: Album 1, Album 2, Album 3. He also has some pictures from Tacky Prom 2006.

There is a lot of rain heading our way tonight. It should all be gone by tomorrow afternoon though. We’re having a Halloween party Saturday night. I thought I had a costume set, but now I’m having second thoughts. Ideas anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Ragedy Andy is always a winner....