Nov 19, 2006

No Whooping Cough, Pants and Pics

Yeah – so there’s no way I have Whooping Cough. Friday morning I woke up early with a heavy cough, but after Holly left for work, I went back to bed and slept for about five hours. That was the first time I had slept more than four hours in a row since Sunday night and I felt really well after that rest. Holly and I actually headed out to get some dinner and ice cream Friday night too. Saturday I woke up late in the morning and figured I had gotten about nine hours of uninterrupted sleep and felt even better. I let Holly sleep in another few hours because I had kept her up at night all week with my coughing. We went shopping and to church and to a friend’s birthday get together too. I felt much better yesterday with a slight cough still. This morning we woke up after about ten hours of sleep and I felt better yet. We did some more shopping and chores around the house. Up until today, I needed to use an inhaler several times a day to loosen up my lungs, but I haven’t taken one puff at all today. So, there’s no way I had Whooping Cough because I’m not really coughing today and my lungs feel fairly clear. I am beginning to think that I had a very bad case of Bronchitis or some other upper respiratory bug. So, back to work tomorrow! Thank God it’s a short week.

As I mentioned earlier, Holly and I went shopping earlier. We went to Old Navy and we bought four pairs of pants. I knew I needed new ones and mentioned getting them to Holly. She was slightly ticked off because she was going to get me clothes for Christmas, but I beat her to it. I guess she’s going to have to get me something else! Like possibly a Logitech Harmony universal remote. Man that would be terrific. But, don’t tell her I told you. Anyway, I now have pants that are apparently considered trendy and in – as opposed to gaudy and old. Sweet.

I got a reminder today that one place where we have pics stored was going to be deleted unless I clicked some link to make it not be deleted. Check out these newly saved pictures from our wedding, honeymoon and family reunion a few years back: MSN Pictures.

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