Sep 16, 2007

Candy For Breakfast

I just read that Kashi GoLean Crunch is not as good for you as they hope you to believe because of all the added sugar to make it crunchy. Dang it! So I decided to compare the sugar content of Kashi GoLean Crunch to my regular Cheerios. Holy cow! Kashi GoLean Crunch has 13 grams of sugar in a one cup serving compared to Cheerios one gram of sugar for the same size serving. Wow, that's crazy! That's the equivalent to one Krispy Kreme Apple Filled Cinnamon Sugar Coated Doughnut or one 1 cup/30g serving of General Mills Trix cereal or one 8 oz serving of Arbor Mist White Zinfandel or one 56g Blue Bunny Heath Ice Cream Bar. (They serve Blue Bunny products in the cafeteria at Walter Reed.) And I thought I was doing something good for my body.

I was going to try the new Cheerios Crunch I read about on my box of regular Cheerios. For only a 3/4 cup serving, there's 8 grams of sugar and one less gram of dietary fiber than regular Cheerios for the same 100 calories of a one cup serving. I don't think so.

Beware of the hidden sugars in those healthy, crunchy cereals. Anybody want a 1/4 box of Kashi GoLean Crunch?

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Su Wang said...

Amazing what ends up on your blog. We love Go Lean Crunch and eat it like granola. Thanks for sharing the nutritional information!