May 22, 2009

Tune In

While we were so busy these last few weeks, I totally forgot to tell you about a great book my women's bible study class covered this semester. And we hosted it weekly at our new house which was really cool. What a blessing to be able to host groups and meetings again in our home.

Tune In: Hearing God's Voice Through The Static was an amazing book to study. I highly recommend it. I learned a lot about hearing God's voice and being able to hear what he's telling me through relationships, people, circumstances, spiritual gifts, His word and the Holy Spirit. I learned about His will for us and His kingdom. The author, Jen Hatmaker, was our leader so that was really cool. She utilized all of the Bible, Old and New Testament, in her study. I read scripture I had never read before. I even read scripture I had read before but the Holy Spirit revealed something different to me. I love it when that happens.

And it was super funny too. Our group of women did some crying but a lot more laughing. It was great. Getting to know more women from our church and making new friends was awesome. I can't wait to do more of her studies. You should check them out. I'd let you borrow mine, but I already loaned it out. Sorry.

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