Jul 24, 2009

Construction Next Door

Our builder has finally started building a house next door to us. We've been here six months with an empty lot next to us. I already checked with the sales lady and our construction manager but we won't have new neighbors for a while. Although our builder doesn't usually start a house until someone puts escrow down, secures financing and picks everything out at the design center, they want to have houses on inventory for all those people who will be taking advantage of the new home buyer tax credits.

Today they are pouring the concrete for the foundation. It's quite interesting. Since they can't get a concrete truck in, they have to use a boom pump truck. Yesterday they started the foundation for a house right across the street. There's going to be a whole lot of construction going on around us for a while. But it's better than an empty dirt lot blowing sand all over you while you are sitting outside or all over your vehicles and weeds growing up on your grass that you have to pull and weed-eat. I'm getting used to all the noise and crews around all day. It's the early Saturday mornings I don't like.

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