Oct 1, 2009

Alaska Vacation Pictures!

Family and friends, I know we have somewhat slacking on the blog. We seem to spend most of our time on Facebook and Twitter these days. If you’re interested in following us there, leave a comment or email and I’ll get back to you on how to do that.

What I really want to do right now is share some pictures with you. Holly and I took a long vacation a few weeks ago. We took a cruise starting near Anchorage, Alaska and finished up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. And then we spent a few days in Vancouver. Anyway, we’ve been slowly going through our pictures and I wanted to point you to the first three days that we have up so far. They can be found here on Flickr. Enjoy and we’ll let you know when we get more posted!

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Michelle said...

Holly, what an awesome trip! The pictures are breath taking!