Feb 24, 2010

"Green" Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday, April 3, 2010, the Austin Farmers' Market will have a "Green" Easter Egg Hunt starting at 10:00 am until total pick up (lasts about 15-20 minutes) in Republic Square Park.

Come be a part of a truly "green" event with no sugar, high fun! We'll have two stages of 'hunt' in Republic Square Park to let the little ones go first at 10 am sharp, then let loose the older kids several minutes later.

Please help us prepare the farmers' eggshell
s to fill with grass seed for the "cascarone" eggs that the kids pick up. Come to the info booth to get empty cartons to then fill up with empty egg shells that you prepare at home. Then bring them back now for the kids to fill three weeks before the event!

How to prepare empty egg shells:

Hold up your egg in left hand, smaller pointed end up. Tap gently with knife, spoon or fork to make an indentation in the top that is the size of a silver dollar. Then take your right thumb and pointer finger together to punch through the weakened shell and pinch out the shell on top to make a hole the size of a silver dollar (or larger). You will be inserting your thumb into the egg white--so don't be queasy. Throw the pinched out pieces of shell into compost. Shake out your egg into your container for cooking later. Gently rinse out the shell with warm water, turn over for drying a few minutes on a towel. Put into empty egg carton for storage until you have enough to bring to market!

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