Apr 29, 2010

Pray & Praise

We want to thank everyone for the prayers, thoughts and wishes we received on Tuesday and Wednesday. Roger will blog soon with all the details from yesterday and what the next steps are. Many people asked us how they can help or what they can do. There are only two things you can do for us: pray and praise. Pray for God to give Roger strength and courage to go through this again, pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit to make the right decisions for treatment and pray for protection from Satan's attacks and lies. And praise God for all he is, all he has done and all he is going to do. We can't thank God enough for blessing us with the ability to go to MD Anderson Cancer Center for great treatment, our experience there yesterday was unbelievable, and we can't thank God enough for surrounding us with amazing family and friends to keep us encouraged, hold us up and make us laugh. We love you all, thanks again. ~ Holly
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