May 31, 2010

Another Visit to MD Anderson

I'm late posting this, but Holly and I are off to Houston to another round of appointments Tuesday and Wednesday. We slept in late today since it's a holiday and ran some errands. Also hung a new light fixture over our dining table; Holly loves it! After we pack up some stuff we'll head out.

First thing Tue morning I have some labs, an MRI and a visit with a Neuro-Oncologist. I'm not sure what to expect during his visit so we'll keep you posted. Then Wed afternoon we meet with my Neurosurgeon again to make a final decision about the surgery. We'll let you know as soon as we can.

We hope you have enjoyed this Memorial Day weekend. We mourn those that gave the ultimate sacrifice protecting the freedoms we have that many in this country take for granted. For me and Holly, these holidays always have special meaning as they were our brothers and sisters in arms. But we also salute those that have served or are still serving. Thank you for your dedication.


Brea said...

Thanks for the update,have a safe drive, and hopefully your appointments will be encouraging rather than any other alternative. Talk to ya soon!

Amanda said...

have a safe journey. Good luck!

Jason Bennett said...

Safe travels. You are both in thoughts and prayers.