Aug 3, 2010

Eligible for the Clinical Trial

Holly and I spent two days at MD Anderson and after a battery of tests yesterday we now know that I am healthy enough and eligible for the clinical trial. Only issue is, the insurance would not approve it until after I was approved. So now the good people at MDACC are waiting for Tricare/Humana to approve and then once they do we'll have to drive BACK to Houston to sign more paperwork, get the instructions and the meds. We'll have more information about the tests and all (they were pretty cool!) but I just wanted to get this out for now. I'll let you know when we get the final approval. I think the earliest we'll be able to get back to Houston at this point is Monday. Love you all! Thanks for the prayers and keep on praying!!



Unknown said...

this is a trial... they should pay you!!

Liz B. said...

Just found your blog, Roger. I am holding you both in my heart.