Sep 29, 2010

Conception & Clinical Trial Update

No, we're not pregnant. But we wanted to update everyone on the latest in this department so you know how to pray for us. And we'll give a quick little update on Roger's clinical trial so you can pray for that also.

Now that Roger has started and been on the clinical trial for almost two months, we are not allowed to conceive naturally. One of the clinical trial drugs causes birth defects as it alters genes, DNA, yadda, yadda. And yes, I'm going to share this because I keep getting asked, the only form of birth control that is clinical trial approved are condoms because obviously I have to be off birth control pills in order to get pregnant and they don't want us to take any chances of getting pregnant. Now that we cannot conceive naturally, the next option is artificial insemination. I visited my the ob-gyn/midwife practice we use and although they are interested in starting to do this procedure in their office, I decided I did not want to be their first since they will not be doing any testing of reproductive capabilities and just doing the insemination. Since I have never been pregnant I do not know if I can get pregnant and I'd like to have that checked before we start using up the nine chances we have saved at the cryobank. Now we have to get referred to a fertility center and we found out last week none of the fertility centers in Austin accept our insurance. After an interesting phone conversation with our insurance, their solution is for our primary care manager (PCM) to refer us to a fertility center here in Austin anyway. The insurance will deny it then they have to find us a fertility center that accepts our insurance. I don't know how long that will take or if it's going to be that easy, but you know we will keep you informed here on the blog. We are asking for prayer for the wait and for God's direction through all of this process. We definitely don't want to do what we want but to do His will so we do what's best for His kingdom and His glory. If we are not meant to have children of our own and we are supposed to foster or adopt, that's what we want to do. And we'll definitely need clear direction for how far to go in this process and when we should stop. So please pray for us to go to God in every part of the process and listen to Him and to be have peace and joy with what He wants us to do.

As for Roger, he is almost done with the second cycle of the clinical trial (each cycle is 28 days). His first MRI, echo-cardiogram and blood tests at MD Anderson will be next Monday, October 4th. He will follow-up with his oncologist and the rest of the clinical trial gang on Tuesday. This meeting will most likely not be the decision making meeting to continue the trial. That will most likely be done at the end of the fourth cycle with the second MRI in December. Of course we'll keep everyone updated here on the blog.

So now you know what's going on with us and how to pray for us. We really appreciate the prayers. Thanks!


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