Oct 5, 2010


The results from my blood work, echocardiogram and MRI on Monday are in. We met with the research nurse, nurse practitioner and Dr. Conrad this morning and all the tests look good. Dr. Conrad says that the MRI did not show much growth of the tumor this time as we've been seeing in the past few months. He said it looks a little plump in areas, and that my head was in a slightly different angle (which is the case for every scan), but this scan was overall stable. I have had minimal side effects and they seem to be pleased thus far. I will continue on the study for two more months and will come back to MD Anderson in eight weeks, which puts our next visit in early December. Between now and then I will have blood tests every two weeks in Austin so that MDACC can make sure my blood counts are safe.

I'm typing this up on my phone while we are waiting for my $10,000 chemo drugs. It's been an hour and we are getting hungry! But as soon as we get the meds we'll be back on the road to Austin and can finally get some lunch. Thanks again for thinking of us, praying for us and supporting us.



Brea said...

I'm so glad the trial meds are preventing further growth. Praise God!

Matt said...

Great to hear, Roger!

Eric said...

Awesome! :)