Feb 15, 2011

A Month Off

Well, now that I went back to Dr. K's for a post-op visit today and got all my questions answered I feel informed enough to post about my laparoscopy. Roger tried as hard as he could to take notes and remember everything, but Dr. K snuck up on him after my procedure which didn't give him any time to prepare for taking notes or remember all that he was given including detailed pictures (awesome!) and recovery instructions. Thank goodness they print all the recovery instructions out and give them to you.

But it went as smooth as possible considering they found more in there than they expected. Turns out I had stage one endometriosis. I had no idea I had it at all. But after reading a lot about it over the weekend, you don't really know for sure you have it unless they go in and look and find it. But I am glad it was found, removed and one more thing is out of the way. I am hoping some pain symptoms I had previously will go away maybe even though I don't know for sure if they were caused by the endometriosis. There was endometriosis on my ovaries, bowels and they also found a lot of scar tissue in my uterus. Dr. K said that although it could also be endometriosis since I have never had anything contributing to it in my medical history (pregnancy, abortion, d&c, etc) they can not explain the scaring in my uterus. There was also scarring or something going on in my uterus which "covered" the pathway to the right fallopian tube. The dye injected in went every where it was supposed to go and I'm on my way to try again in the future. But not the too near future. Because they did have to scrape my uterus (and left a uterine balloon stent which he removed today to prevent the uterus healing together) he wants me to give it a good month or two off. So not only "vaginal rest" for two weeks (I know, that's sounds so bizarre but means no bathes or sex) but no cycle at all. So I am on a hormone pill for a month to prevent my cycle starting this month then when I do start my cycle he wants me to have one normal cycle before we try IUI again. Plus Dr. K doesn't want us to worry about getting pregnant while Roger is in Houston for his craniotomy. Dr. K is really nice. It was really sweet of him to remember what Roger is going through and care about both of us and our health and well being.

Having a laparoscopy was pretty much what I expected except the recovery on Thursday. Everyone makes it sound so simple and because it's internal without large incisions there is not as much pain that I really thought I would be walking around or at least sitting around watching TV or reading. But no, there was definitely discomfort which would have made it hard to sleep if not for the vicodin. But other than that, the rest of the recovery has been easy. There are really only two annoying parts so far: the bleeding which requires wearing pads for a few days and not being able to be active at all. Having to be careful, not over due it, over exert, lift anything heavy or do strenuous activity is hard for me. So no hiking, running, weight lifting, crazy yoga/pilates moves, nothing. Not even reaching too far to help hold something to install a new kitchen faucet. Roger is making sure I follow these instructions to the letter. Big sigh.

And we're off to Houston this week for all those tests Roger needs to prepare for the craniotomy. Then we have two weeks off before for we go back for the real deal. We've been doing a lot of paper work getting ready for short term disability and making sure all the paperwork for Army insurance/reimbursement is squared away, getting all our FSA claims in and other financial stuff in order and are now working on our taxes to get everything done before his surgery. We don't want to leave anything undone so we don't have any thing else to worry about while we're at MD Anderson Cancer Center. So thanks again for all the prayers, well wishes, love and concern. They have been felt and appreciated. We will of course update the blog often with Roger's test results, etc. ~ Holly

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