Mar 7, 2012

24 Week Praise Report & Prayer Request

Tuesday, March 6, 2012, we had the follow-up ultrasound to my 20 week anatomy scan where marginal placenta previa was discovered. They informed us I most likely have vasa previa. You can Google it for more info (warning you there's a lot of scary stuff out there), but it basically means my placenta is attached to the uterine wall too close to my cervix but there are also fetal blood vessels going over the cervix. We were able to see the placenta still very close to the cervix and the blood flowing through the fetal vessels in the ultrasound with color Doppler. It also means the placenta and blood vessels could rupture at any time and if that happened I would have to have an emergency c-section asap to save my life and the life of my baby. Since I am basically a ticking time bomb I have been put on pelvic rest for now and have had to cut all my activities, work, volunteering, etc in half plus cut out all physically straining activities until I see a maternal fetal medicine doctor this week to confirm it. So no prenatal yoga, no exercising, no walking, no lifting, no dancing, no nothing, until I see the specialist hopefully this week. But most likely I will eventually be put on bed rest if any slight bleeding occurs or hospital bed rest if more significant bleeding occurs. I found a really good article from the April 2006 issue of the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology. Vasa previa is covered on pages 11-13 of the article. Warning, there are graphic images. Peruse it at your leisure. I found it to be one of the better sources of information on vasa previa out on the Internet.

Of course there are lots of super sad stories on the Internet about vasa previa ending in death which is why we are so glad this was caught now as most people go undiagnosed with this until it is too late and they find out under horrible circumstances. I have been reading up a lot on vasa previa and it seems like it goes undiagnosed because the placenta is not examined during routine ultrasounds during pregnancy. We have to thank God that examining the placenta during ultrasound is policy at our OB/midwife practice or we would not have known until it was too late. That is a huge blessing and praise right there. But I have to really take it easy which is going to be hard for me but I will manage if it means saving the life of my baby and myself. They would like for me to go to as full term with this pregnancy as possible but I will definitely have an early scheduled c-section at around 35 to 36 weeks as I can not go into labor or the placenta and blood vessels will rupture from the contractions. Hospitalization in diagnosed cases occurs at week 30 to 32 and steroids are administered to help the babies lungs mature. Of course, all of this is dependent on what the specialist says when we see her hopefully this week. She will do a more in depth transvaginal ultrasound to evaluate and confirm the diagnosis then she will set a course of action such as immediate bed rest, etc. I have pages of questions for her and my OB especially if the diagnosis is correct and we have to look into a scheduled c-section.

Another praise is the baby is looking great. She is moving like crazy inside me. It's kind of weird and neat at the same time. The ultrasound showed her heart beat is great (141 bpm), they were able to confirm the one item she was hiding with her hands during the anatomy scan and it showed she is where she is supposed to be in weight and size. Previa is also known to hinder the size of the baby as the placenta can’t get the blood supply it needs over the cervix as that’s not the ideal place for the placenta to be attached. But she's good. Thank you God. So we are just hoping she continues to grow well and healthy and we make it as far as we can, to the scheduled c-section and not an emergency c-section. Please pray for this and for us to have peace and comfort and for me to not go crazy taking it easy especially if I get put on bed rest. One more neat thing we got to see at the ultrasound was Lady Mommaerts yawning as you can see from the image below. I hope she loves to sleep like her momma and daddy. That or she was taking a big gulp of amniotic fluid. She may be a good eater like her parents too. :) ~ Holly


Kathy Ingram said...

Praying for you and your precious little baby girl! God is so good ALL of the time and He will take care of you both!!!

Ragen Chastain said...

Sending you Happy Healthy Mamma and Baby vibes. If there is anything that I can do to help just let me know.