Apr 26, 2012

Wow, Are We Behind Or What?

Yes, we are truly behind on this blog. Not only was our last blog post on March 9th, well over a month ago, but a lot has happened since. I promise to try to stay up to date on the blog. Today’s post will be as short as possible to catch up and I will also post some belated blogs about everything else soon. Sorry.

As you know from our last post on March 9th, I have a complete placenta previa and was prescribed pelvic rest. Well, two days later on Sunday, March 11th I woke up during the night to go to the rest room and as soon as I stood up I felt something going down my legs. Yes, it was blood. Thank God we had asked what to do if I bleed and knew what to do. Roger called 9-1-1 and an ambulance took me to Texas Women’s Center. I was admitted into Labor & Delivery (L&D) triage. I bled one more time right when we got there. But it stopped. I stayed in L&D for the night until I was considered stable then moved to the antepartum floor for observation. My doctors told me I would have to not bleed for a few days then I could go home. A few days to them ended up being six. I had a couple ultrasounds there and also saw the maternal fetal medicine doctor I was referred to. I was discharged on March 16th.

I was sent home on modified bed rest and told this was strike one. The first night home was nerve wracking but I didn’t have any bleeding. The second night home I spotted and called the on call number and my OB told me to lay on my side, drink lots of water, try to relax and keep an eye on it. I spotted the third and fourth night home. During the morning of the fourth night, I woke up to heavy bleeding again. We called the on call OB and she told us to come in. I was admitted again on the morning of March 20th. Same drill as before: L&D triage, L&D overnight, moved to antepartum, six days of no bleeding, a couple ultrasounds and discharged on March 26th

This time I was sent home on strict bed rest and told this was strike two. If I bleed again heavily it will be strike three and I will have to stay at the hospital on bed rest until Baby Mo is born. Either, then by emergency c-section if the bleeding doesn’t stop or if we make it to full term and have a scheduled c-section on Week 37.  I have been on bed rest just over six weeks and home for just over four weeks with no bleeding. Praise God we have made it this far. I will start week 32 of my pregnancy tomorrow which means we have four weeks of bed rest left. So we need all the prayers we can get for me to stay stable on bed rest and for Baby Mo to keep growing well which she has been. Thank you for all your prayers and support. And I will post about bed rest, follow-up appointments, ultrasounds and everything else soon. ~Holly

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