Nov 27, 2007

MEB Done... on to the PEB

Well, Holly and I just met with my PEBLO and we were presented with my DA3947, or the finding of the MEB. They agreed with my thinking that there are three things that should be medically unacceptable: cancer, seizures and right-sided weakness. It looked good and I signed it. Now it will go to the PEB tomorrow. I got what I expected, so thank you for your prayers. I'll update you more later on about what's next.


Unknown said...

That is such wonderful news. Hopefully when you go home for Christmas this year (or before) it will be for good and you can finally be with Holly. I am sure your family would love that for the holidays. We will continue to pray that you get everything you need and more. Take care and God bless you two.

Anonymous said...

Praise God!!

That is great news - so glad that you were able to get a response back- i know the waiting has been a challenge.