Jan 5, 2008

In Nashville

We pulled in to our lodging for the night a little after 8:30pm CT and after 800 miles.

A few months ago in VA, I stayed at Ryan's house one weekend and met Kyla, who is pictured above. I could tell from my short time around her that was very spirit filled. I knew she was moving to Nashville in the future and we kept in touch. When I knew for sure that we were going to be driving through TN, I contacted her to see if she could help us find a place to stay. Long story short, she hooked us up with a fabulous couple, Justin and Molly, who are taking care of us quite nicely. And I got to see Kyla again! Kyla, thanks for your help.

Tomorrow we make the last push of just over 600 miles to DC. It should take us just over ten hours. Thanks for your prayers!

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