Dec 2, 2008

Progress Continues

Progress on construction of the new house continues. Today Roger and I met there at noon to see the progress since our last visit before Thanksgiving. The foundation for the driveway, walkways and sidewalks are being put up. They'll probably pour the concrete by the end of the week. All the doors, wood trim and cabinetry were being installed while we were there. I can't wait to stop by tomorrow and see how far they got. I'm sure all the kitchen cabinets will be done. It's looking more and more like a home every day. We also received a new closing date of January 23rd. Boy are we glad we did the lease back through January 31st. To give us an idea of when we might move in so we could negotiate the lease back with the buyer of our current home we asked our construction manager for a possible move in date to which he said January 15th. Thank goodness we know the reality of construction and with the holidays coming up, we figured another week or two would give us some leeway just in case. And it looks like we needed it.

As for the progress on the sale of our current home, we're set to close on December 17th as long as nothing new comes up. We had four things to "repair" after the inspection but two items were not really repairs but clarification. The other two items are stumping us. So we have called an electrician for a bid to address one item and are awaiting a response from the city water department regarding the other. Please pray for these things to go smoothly. We're hoping we don't have to spend several thousand dollars repairing what we think are unnecessary items.

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