Dec 9, 2008

A Little Snow

We got a little snow tonight. Nothing to write home about but enough to blog about! We started the day very warm and humid and I believe we topped out at 80 degrees. Then throughout the day the winds came and dropped the temps ever so slightly until they got down to the 40s. By that time it was raining and hailing a bit. After I got home from work this evening, I had to go back after dinner to reset our firewalls and on the way home I was driving through some pretty steady hail. Soon after that, it was snowing big wet flakes. It won't stick because it was 80 today, but the weather in Texas sure is interesting... and all in one day.

Holly went by the new house today and they have installed the ceramic tile! It was pretty dark though, so she didn't get good pics. We'll get some more late this week.

One last thing... after years of thinking about it, and the Army ruining my plans for four years, I have decided to get LASIK. I visited three centers in town and I chose not the most or least expensive, but the one where I felt most comfortable. I put in my last pair of disposable contact lenses this morning. I'm truly excited at the prospect of waking up every morning, and being able to see without having to reach for glasses or just see blurryness until I can get my contacts in. It's not cheap, so please join me in prayer that I am making the right decision. My surgery is scheduled for Jan 8. Yay! It can't come soon enough.


Anonymous said...

Now, with the lasik you can get ready in the morning in 30 minutes instead of 45.

Cass said...

LASIK ROCKS!!! I've been contacts/glasses free for about 3 years. Would recommend it wholeheartedly! Just wish I would have done it sooner, that's okay. As you said, it's not cheap, but well worth every penny.