Jun 2, 2009


I get a weekly newsletter from USAT emailed to me with articles and tips about endurance training, fuel, and gear and news about triathlons and triathletes. There are always interesting and educational articles. And they always have pieces about people's personal lives. Usually they are about professional and seasoned triathletes. And especially stories that are very inspirational. Today's newsletter included an article in the headlines section about a wounded soldier competing in an Ironman. For those of you not aware, an Ironman competition is the ultimate test of physical fitness. It's longer and harder than the triathlons in the Olympics. The one this warrior will be competing in is a total of 70.3 miles of swimming, cycling and running. So the thought of a wounded Iraq war veteran participating in one was intriguing to say the least. I had to check it out. I hope you do too. It is super inspirational. I want to take his motto of "Life SUCKS" and paint it across my wall.

Group helps wounded veteran compete

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