Jun 5, 2009

Rain Barrel Project Done

We brought the rain barrel from our old house with us to the new house. There was no way I was leaving that rain barrel there. I bought it through the City of Austin. It's a really nice rain barrel and I would have never paid what it costs retail. But through the City of Austin I got it half price. I got it all set up in the back yard a couple weeks ago. We missed out on some really good rains before that. Well this week we finally found the time in the evening to work on diverting a down spout from the house gutters to the rain barrel so we can take advantage of all the rain that hits our very large roof. The rain barrel on its own does not collect much water from our infrequent rains here in Texas. But with a down spout from the gutters it can collect a lot. The night we finished diverting the down spout it rained a little during the night. We were so glad to have the down spout done because the rain barrel had a quarter of water from that little rain. And I have plenty of rain water to water my potted plants. We always intended to do this at our old house but never got around to doing it because we didn't have gutters at all on the back side of the house. I love being able to water my potted plants and eventually my vegetables with free, healthy rain water instead of paying for treated city water. Although Roger wasn't sure about this rain barrel when I first brought it home, he loves it now. I think he thought it was going to make the back yard a little too eclectic, hippy, Austin-ish for his tastes. But the savings, how cool it is to take advantage of our large roof to collect rain water, and the fact that it's not that unsightly warmed him up to it. If you are a City of Austin water customer you should really take advantage of this deal. Even some surrounding water districts are eligible for the rebate. There's always a waiting list for the rain barrels, but it's definitely worth the wait.

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