Oct 7, 2010

Referral Take Two

Well, I spoke with Tricare today and turns out there are several in-network fertility specialists in Austin including the doctor I requested the first time. The person I spoke with said she is not sure why the last person I spoke with told me otherwise. I am not surprised by this at all. It comes with the territory. I would not expect any less from Tricare actually. At least she was really nice and we had a few good laughs together about it. So another referral will be sent to me in a week. We'll see who I get this time. I wonder if it will be for the doctor I requested or someone different. I'll let you know here. ~ Holly


Brea said...

If the doctor you want is in-network and they have already approved a referral why can't you just go to them and tell them who your insurance is with?

Holly said...

with tricare to see a specialist you have to have a referral. and when you call to make an appt they will ask you if you have received the referral meaning the paper letter. i can say yes & make the appt but when i go to my appt i have to take my referral with me in case they have not received their letter yet so they will see me. they won't see me if i don't have a referral. they know they won't get paid by tricare if there is not a referral. and they trust no one unless they see that piece of paper. :)