Dec 30, 2010


Well, I started my cycle this morning and took a pregnancy test this afternoon in the event Dr. K asked me if I took one I could tell him I did. And it was negative. I had a feeling Tuesday night I would start today but of course I was hoping I would not. But, it is what it is and yes, I am disappointed. I called Dr. K's office to let them know. He mentioned trying one more time and I needed to let him know as soon as possible since he had me start Femara on Day 5 which would be Monday. He's out of town and will see the note first thing Monday morning with enough time to call in a prescription of Femara and I can start it that night. I am starting to change my mind a little about the laparoscopy if we don't get pregnant this next try. My first concern is doing something outside of God's will and wasting our time getting to God's will, but I also feel like I have only tried one time and if I don't try again or have the surgery I won't be giving it my all. I'd be quitting too easy, like I haven't really tried. I worry too much sometimes. We will continue to pray about it and we'll let you know here on the blog what happens next. Thank you to everyone for your prayers, thoughts and concern for us. We really appreciate it.

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