Feb 8, 2011

More Surgery Info

So, Roger's surgery is set for March 3rd which is exactly five years from his first craniotomy. He has appointments next week for a bunch of tests the surgeons will use to prepare for his surgery. But this week I'll be having surgery myself. I am having the laparoscopy on Thursday to remove the blockage from my right fallopian tube. It is an outpatient procedure which shouldn't take more than two hours. I am glad my surgery is getting done before Roger's so I can recover and be done before he has his surgery since we won't know how he will be affected by the craniotomy. Roger will be updating the blog on Thursday after my procedure. Thanks again for all the prayers. We really do have a lot of peace going into both of our surgeries. ~ Holly


Amanda said...

we love you both and will be praying for a swift and perfect surgery and recovery! We pray that the hands of those helping you both will be guided by the Healer. There was a message on the radio that spoke to this today: Matthew 9:27-29. I believe.

Eric said...

Man, I didn't know you were having to get some work done as well... Let us know if you need anything. Remember I've got a fair amount of flex in my schedule and am happy to help! Brea & I love youse guys :)

David Carr said...
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David Carr said...

Hello Roger and Holly,

A mutual friend, Daniel Brunken, told me about your surgeries. We are lifting you both up in prayer. God bless you.

The Family Carr - David, Nikki, Delaney, and Liam