Jun 27, 2004

I didn't have any problems with the neighbor - haven't had any since that night... er.. morning.

Thursday I worked all day on servers!! Racking em up baby! That involves placing new Dell servers into a server rack and connecting all the wires so that everything looks and works great. It is what I love to do and I do well at it. I stayed way past the end of my shift to almost 2300 to get it done. It felt good to get something done that I was really in to, know what I mean? I really wish I had some tunes to jam to since I was working in a hallway by myself. I emailed Holly to see if she was using the Rio S50 MP3 player that we have at home, and she said she was. So I did some research and decided that I wanted to purchase a Rio Cali 256. I looked around on the net for one mostly with Froogle, and I found good prices, but everyone that had a good price was out of stock. I ended up turning to BestBuy - they were out of stock online, but I was able to place the order for pick-up at the closest store. How convenient!

Friday, I went to Ft Myer to get a haircut and gasoline on Friday. What a combo, huh? The gas was cheap - only $1.98/gal. The haircut was cheap too - it sucked. One of the worst haircuts I have ever had. Most other military barber shops have a vacuum system that sucks up and stores all hair so that it does not get all over the place. These folks don't use them - that was the first bad sign. Then the guy just chopped away at my head - it didn't feel like he was doing that good of a job - I can just kinda tell. I was nervous through it all... then he gave me the mirror - there was so much cut hair on top of my head that I could barely tell what was cut. I asked him to take more off the top and he used a comb and electric razor. Again, I could just not tell when I looked at it. It looked good enough and I paid and left. I was going to do a few more errands, but I was so itchy and he got hair all in my shirt, that I went back to the apartment to take another quick shower. It was rediculous and I will never go there again. The barbers at Ft Belvoir are much better.

After the shower, I drove down to the Pentagon City mall. I got there in no time, but the parking was crazy and crazy expensive - so get this... I drove back to my apartment and took the Metro instead. And it really was more enjoyable - relaxing - less stressful. I picked up my Rio and stopped at Borders for an iced coffee and also picked up a Lonely Planet travel guide for the DC area. There were several different books on the shelf from different publishers, but my friend Jill gave me a Lonely Planet guide for Holly and my Honeymoon to Puerto Rico and it really saved us lots of time and money, so I figured I should go with them again. It's pretty good and will come in handy, I'm sure. Then I went to dinner with Frank to Red Hot & Blue. Now they have some awesome ribs - good beans and tasty cole slaw. I am going to have to go there again.

Saturday I went to a men's group meeting for Grace Community Church. It was a good meeting and there were lots of good guys there. Too bad they only meet once a month! I wish it was more often. After that, I ventured over to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. It was quite crowded but very interesting. I really wanted to see the historical items, like the Apollo 11 and Mercury 7 capsules - very cool! I found a lot of the displays to be kind of outdated though. But it appears that they are slowly updating everything. There is a new annex out by Dulles airport that I need to go see soon. Maybe when Holly visits?? After that I took a stroll down the mall to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. This was an impressive facility - I think most of it has been updated in the last few years. The dinosaur fossils reminded me of going to the LA museums when I was a kid. And the ancient artifacts from many years ago from Egypt, Asia and such were very cool. I also caught an Imax movie about bugs - it was very 3D and pretty good too. Overall - a very nice experience. I will be back to see more movies and museums in the future. After that, I took a stroll to Chinatown and had some great food. A very long day - lots of walking.

Sunday I went to Grace Community Church again. They have had a good series on health and taking care of one's self. It has been hard to miss. Then I went back to work. I think I am going to try to take the Metro to work soon. I am not getting reimbursed for gasoline, and the government has a program that pays for employees to take the metro - it will take longer to get to work, but I won't have to drive in the traffic anymore. I am just waiting to see how the program works. Man - Holly will be here soon! I can't wait to see her. I have been granted some time off for her visit - it is going to be so good to see her again.

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