Jun 4, 2004

So I am back on the second shift. That’s right… 1400 to 2230. Fun fun FUN!! I guess I really do kinda like it since I get to sleep in now and then go to work. I just have trouble going to sleep thanks to the TV. I had that problem the last time I had a TV in the same room as my bed. I don’t think my apartment will have a TV in the bedroom – that’s a good thing.

It has been rather wet here in the DC area. We have gotten some type of rain almost everyday this week. Not that that’s a bad thing – here in the summer time – it stays cool when it rains – unlike Texas where it can stay pretty warm and then muggy. Highs through the weekend should be in the 70s.

I don’t really have a whole lot planned for the weekend. On a high note, I finally went grocery shopping this week. I actually cooked dinner two nights and have had enough food to be able to bring dinner to work with me! I did venture out today for lunch though and got a Panini sandwich at this place called Panera Bread. They have pretty good stuff there! The Panini was not like I have seen on TV – it was not quite what I was expecting, not the same bread, but it was good. Maybe next time I will try a real Panini, or better yet, I can find a real Italian joint here that sells them.

You know what I do miss? A dishwasher. It’s cool cooking for myself and stuff, but I only have like, two plates and not a whole lot of cookware. I have to wash dishes after every meal. It would not be that bad if the sink was a little bigger. The one in the room is big enough for one big plate to sit in. And deep enough for maybe one pot without it being completely underwater. It’s a little small, but the way my mom taught me to wash dished when I was younger is paying off. I have to have a small bowl with soapy water and then rinse in the sink. Thanks mom!

CIA director George Tenet resigned yesterday. I guess our organization did a bit of work with the CIA in the past. Why is that such big news? I have no idea – just thought I’d mention it.

Man, I just ate a few hours ago and I am hungry again – I wonder what I can snack on in my lunch bag?… looks like the grapes win.

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