Jun 23, 2004

I have been here for a week with not one problem - until last night. My neighbor decided to watch TV quite loud at about 2am. I hit the wall a few times, but I guess he didn't hear it or didn't care. At 2:15 I finally called the office (which is manned 24 hours a day) and she said she would call him but needed me to get the apt number. I put on my shorts and walked out and the guy's door was cracked open and you could hear the TV in the hallway too! I called her back and she said she would call him.

I got comfortable and waited... and waited.... fifteen minutes rolled by and no change. It was so loud that I could hear that he was listening to a replay of the Tonight Show - that's loud. At 2:40 I called again.... she said she would make a personal visit. The sound soon subsided and I fell fast asleep. I awoke at 8:30am to the loudness again. That's not even six hours of sleep! What kind of maniac was I dealing with?? Well, he turned it off soon as he must have gone to work. Heck - I keep saying him, it might even be a her. If it happens again tonight, I am making a personal visit.

Holly emailed me a list of things she wants to do for sure. They have this tour that goes all around the city, but you can get off and see stuff and then get back on all day long! It's pretty cool - gonna have to look into that. I am also thinking of making reservations to go up to the top of the Washington Monument - that would be cool. Maybe a trip out to the mountains too. Not too much though - we need some time to just chill.

I have posted pictures from the day I volunteered at the food bank and also from the food tasting this past week. I also moved the Reagan pictures to a different page inside week 6. Check it out by going to the pics link on the home page.

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