Nov 26, 2006

Back from NYC

Holly and I are home from NYC. We had a fantastic visit with Su and Dan! It was low key because we have already been to NYC, so we weren’t interested in seeing all the sights – we just wanted to hang out with our friends and chill. So we slept in, had morning coffee with breakfast, went to a few museums and went downtown to see some Christmas stuff. And of course, we ate a lot – eating is always important on vacation in a fun place. The train ride home was a little crazy – we got into DC 30 minutes late and the train was packed, but we both managed to get a little nap. I hope to have pictures up later this week. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend, we sure did. Thanks Su and Dan!

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Anonymous said...

Roger and Holly-
Thanks for coming to visit us.
We had a great time too! Thanks for getting us out to Brooklyn and da Bronx. We especially enjoyed shopping in the Chinatown market and enjoying the delicacies at home with you guys!

You have to come again when it's warm (to see Central Park, try a Gray's Papaya dog, etc).