Dec 12, 2006

MRI Tonight!

I've been bad at posting - but we have been extremely busy lately. I neglected to let you all know that my next MRI is tonight... actually, very early tomorrow morning: 1:45am Wed. There are a bunch of reasons behind picking that time. There basically wasn't anything available except for middle of the night appointments. And, I decided that since we are going to Holly's work holiday party tonight, I can afford to stay up a bit later since I'm sure we'll be getting home late anyway and then I can rest a little and head over to NNMC. After the scan, I'll come home, go to sleep and then return to meet with my Oncologist around 1000-1100 Wed. As soon as I know the news, I'll let you know. I'm not worried like I was before the MRI three months ago. But I am aware that if things aren't right my life will change drastically again tomorrow. Please pray that the cancer is still gone... more tomorrow.

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