Dec 13, 2006

It's All Good!!

Roger just called me at 12:43 p.m. with the results from his MRI this morning. He says everything looks good to the oncologist. There's no evidence of new tumor growth and the area where the tumor was is slightly smaller. Praise the Lord! No new cancer. Yeah!! So he is healing slowly which is what our neurosurgeon and oncologist told us would happen since the brain heals on a molecular level. It will take a little longer for Roger to return to "normal" but we are both very, very happy with the news we received today. I'm sure Roger will blog later today. He's on the road from Bethesda Naval Hospital back to our apartment in Arlington. And when he finds time after resting a bit and the long honey-do list I left him, he will blog.

I wanted to include a picture from my company's holiday party last night. We had a great time and the food was fabulous! Love you all, Holly

ASN Holiday Party 001


Anonymous said...

That is awsome news! I am so glad there is no new growth.


Anonymous said...

Very good news Roger and Holly. In the Arms of God!!!


Anonymous said...

Hooray!! Good for you. Our prayers are answered

Anonymous said...


and i don't know what an oncologist is, but it sounds dirty. heh. ok. nevermind.