Dec 21, 2006

Here we go again..

Well, I had another major seizure tonight. Holly and I were eating dinner in the living room. I was sitting on the sofa with a plate in my lap and she was sitting across from me. I started getting the feeling that I was getting a cramp on the bottom of my right foot. You ever get one of those? Where it gets tight from your big toe to the middle of the underside of your foot? When I get a cramp like that, I usually just grab my toe and pull it back; so I put my plate down and did that, but it didn't help. Suddenly I started to feel a pins and needles sensation slowly move from my foot and up to my right calf, and that's when I realized that I was going to have a seizure. I remember telling Holly that I was going to have a seizure and she immediately jumped up to help me, but there wasn't much she or I could do. The sensation worked its way past my knee and then through my side. Soon, I wasn't even able to control my leg or arm - they were sticking straight out - I remember trying to control it, but it was no use. I distinctly remember Holly having a very frightening look on her face and she said something to the effect that she hated to see me like this. I was starting to have trouble breathing and my back arched... I felt the stiffness take hold of the right side of my torso and then my neck. Then I could feel the right side of my face grimace as I struggled to breathe. I tried to lean over to the left onto the sofa because I started to feel like I might need to vomit...

Then, everything was quiet. I came to in bed. I was very confused at first, just like last time. I think I was coming in and out of it as I think she had to tell me several times what was going on. It took me a good while to finally sit up, and then I felt like I was going to throw up again. I went to the restroom twice, but I finally started to feel better. Holly tells me that the seizure started at about 9:05pm and I stopped seizing at 9:08pm. Then she says I laid there for about ten minutes before I sat up. She then says that I got up and was walking around. She said I tried to walk to the front door several times. Apparently I ended up in bed but tried to get up again. I even walked into the night stand next to the bed and cut my knee. Funny thing is, I don't remember any of that at all. I just remember waking up in bed. It wasn't until almost 9:45pm that I started to get what happened.

I think that Holly's take on what happened will be better and more detailed than mine. Maybe she'll decide to blog to write about it soon. My last seizure was July 15th and I have been on meds - but it looks like I'm going to have to get a stronger prescription and I definitely will not be driving anytime soon, which really sucks. I know that my right foot has been having the hardest time recovering from the surgery, and this seizure tells me that the most damage in my brain is located in the area that controls my foot. A neuron misfired there and then spread throughout by brain within a minute and involved my entire body. Freaky, huh?

Anyway, I feel fine now. I just have a sore back and a big headache. My jaw hurts and I'm sure my muscles will be sore tomorrow. One good thing though - I didn't bite my tongue this time! I already called my boss and am taking the day off tomorrow, but I still have to go in just to pick up my promotion packet that I have to complete and mail off next week so that I can try to get my E-7.

Anyway, I just ask that you all pray that I feel better and that the Lord keeps a close eye on us next week as we celebrate Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

Well Rog, you are a trooper! God bless you guys for being so strong. I understand what it is like not to be in control of things, but my body? That is something different some how.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Joyful New Year . . . we pray for you continously.

Joy and TJ and the Brace family