Apr 20, 2007

My Dad Update: Friday, April 20, 2007

My dad's back in the hospital today. He went to the doctor this morning because his foot was still swollen and hurting so bad he couldn't walk. So Dr. Bond sent him to the hospital for a sonogram. Dr. Bond got the results and sent him back to hospital. There's a clot blocking blood going back to his heart at his foot. They put him on an IV of meds to dissolve the clot. He may be in until next Thursday. Praise the Lord my dad actually made a doctor's appointment and they caught this blockage before it traveled to his heart or brain or led to amputation. Please pray for the clot to disappear and his health to improve faster as a result. He's been doing pretty good except for the swelling. This has prevented him from going back to work so he is concerned about their bills and the impending hospital bills. Please also pray for the Lord's provision. Thank you.

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