Apr 8, 2007

Seizure #3

Happy Easter everyone.

Roger had another seizure about 1:15 a.m. today. It happened almost like the other two, started at his right foot and traveled up to take over his whole body. We were both asleep and he felt his leg convulsing. He exclaimed he was having a seizure which woke me up. I think he said it twice because I think I thought I was dreaming, but he can't remember how many times he said it. I also wasn't expecting him to have another seizure and being completely asleep meant I wasn't ready. Roger is scared and very disappointed. He is concerned about going to DC by himself next Saturday. He's on the highest therapeutic dose of his anti-seizure medication which the doctors rarely see seizures. And we're both confused by why he had another seizure. He also had two more months and he could start driving again. Now he has to wait until October unless he has another seizure.

He bit his tongue which hurts and is tired and weak especially on his right side. He feels like he is limping a little. The same thing happened each seizure before. He was tired and weak for a few days. He said he felt like he ran a marathon which is technically what his brain did. We just got home from trying out that new church. It was good but I'm looking forward to a regular Sunday message since Easter is always a special message and can be different from the pastor's usual style. Now we are on our way to Roger's parents for Easter dinner.

Would you please pray for healing from the seizures for Roger, for peace and safety while he is in DC and guidance with the Army MEB process? Thank you so much for your prayers.

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