Jul 19, 2007

Prayer Works!

Thank you for praying for Roger's lost wallet to be found and for protection. Not only was it found, but it was found by a police officer. Usually lost and found are given to a specific department and it takes weeks to return the object to the owner. The police officer who found it gave it to a detective because he saw Roger's military ID. That detective used every piece of information in Roger's wallet to contact him. He found Roger's medical alert card and looked it up online. Roger's information on that website says to contact his wife and gives my cell phone. So my first call early this morning was from an Alexandria, VA police detective. Roger has already contacted him this morning and his wallet is being mailed to our friend's house since it is hard for Roger to get to the police station during the week and during business hours. Praises and blessings to you who prayed and praises to the Lord for answering our prayers. On that note, I am asking you to prayer for my father and my family. My father's health is not good at all. I haven't expressed that in my previous blogs because my dad was not telling my mom everything and therefore I wasn't aware of everything. My dad was moved into ICU last Friday because all indications were showing his health was getting scary. If he improves from all this, it's going to be very slow if at all. He even mentioned something to my sister about his legs being amputated. My sister and I have decided arrangements need to be made and decisions about how my dad wants things done if he passes need to be made. We don't like thinking about that, but it's got to be done. So please, please pray for my dad's health and my family's peace and rest. I'm on my way to Bryan now and I have a list of questions for the doctor's and my mom & dad. Please pray for me to be able to stay calm and not lose my emotions addressing these issues. And pray for all of us, my siblings, to be able to be there for my mom and each other during this time. Thank you.

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