Jul 18, 2007

Surgery Today

My mom just called me (11:30 a.m. Central) to let me know a defibrillator was going to be implanted in my dad today. My dad told my sister last night that he flat lined nine times while he was in ICU. My mom didn't even know that. My family is not known for good communication. So the defibrillator will monitor his heart rate. It uses batteries to send electric signals to a heart that’s beating too slow, same as a pacemaker. It can also deliver an electric shock to help restore a normal heartbeat to a heart that’s beating chaotically and much too fast.

Last Saturday my dad had a flexible sigmoidoscopy. Two polyps were found and tested for cancer. The results were negative. The doctors said they would go back and probe his stomach also, but I'm not sure how soon this will be done now that he is having the defibrillator implanted today.

My sister and her kids were on their way to the hospital this morning to see my dad. We still don't know what time the surgery will be performed. I am going to Bryan tomorrow morning. I might be able to take my dad home from the hospital. Please keep my dad in your prayers. We knew this would be a long road but I don't think we ever imagined it would be this rough also. I will update early tomorrow morning with the results of his surgery. Thank you so much for praying for my dad and my family.

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