Jul 21, 2007

Update On My Dad

My dad was released from the hospital on Thursday aftenoon. I took him home and got him all settled in. Friday I spent the day organizing and rearranging my parents' house so he can get around easier with his walker. He is doing better at home. His spirits are up. He hates hospitals and doctors. He was supposed to get physical therapy to walk him around while he was at the hospital but they never showed up. So he laid for eight days in the hospital and he was pretty swollen from no activity. He walked around the house a lot on Friday and that has helped with the swelling a little. It will take a while for it to all go down. He is taking a pill for water retention and he used the restroom quite a bit Friday. So that will help with the swelling also. He was pretty weak when he got home. He is still weak and tired. But he is trying to walk around and rest to build up his strength and endurance again. He was doing pretty good before he went into the hospital two weeks ago so he believes he can get back to where he was.

He's not too happy about the defibrillator. They didn't tell him anything about it before it was implanted. And after his surgery was done on Wednesday, a rep from the manufacturer came Thursday morning to go over it with him. The rep told him he would not be able to be near a welding machine nor generator. My dad was pretty pissed about that since that's how he makes his living. The rep told him he needed to stay 20 feet or more from those machines. We know he won't be welding for a while, but he was not happy that they didn't tell him everything up front. Also, he can't lift his left arm above his shoulder for one month nor lift anything heavy for 3 months. He couldn't get the incision wet for 48 hours so my mom is going to help him shower this afternoon. I know he's ready for that. He'll need help mainly because he's so weak and gets tired just walking a short distance. He has an appointment next week with Dr. Bond, his internal medicine/PCM and in two weeks he will have his defibrillator checked. My dad's GI had a CT done Wednesday morning of his stomach and abdomen. He hasn't heard the results of that and as soon as we know, I'll post those. I'm glad they are still trying to figure out what's going on with his digestive system. I did find out the two polyps found during the flex sig were removed and as I posted before they were negative for cancer. So...please keep praying for my dad and his health and my family. Thanks again.

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