Jun 12, 2008

Restaurant Recommendations

Last Friday night, Roger, his sister Cindy and I intended to go see the new Indiana Jones movie at Alamo Drafthouse. We arrived 50 minutes early and it was already sold out. We know people who have bought tickets online a week in advance so we should have known better. Since we intended to eat dinner there, not only were our entertainment plans busted but so were our dinner plans. After thinking for a bit and driving around the area of the Alamo Drafthouse Village location, we remembered a restaurant we were going to try with Cindy the week before, Mesa Ranch. Since we weren’t far from it, we decided to go check it out. Roger looked up the address online with his cell phone and was able to call and get us a reservation in fifteen minutes. Oh technology! The atmosphere was great, except for air conditioning trouble which made it a bit hot. Our waiter was awesome and sweaty. And the food was amazing! We all tried each other’s dishes because we kept raving about them. I had venison, Roger had duck and Cindy had a steak. Everything was delicious. It was hard for us to decide what to order. The seafood selection sounded great also. We will definitely be back there. Hopefully the air conditioning will be under control. But I highly recommend it. We continued to rave about the food, the atmosphere and the experience despite the heat the rest of the night.

Tonight we went to Hyde Park Grill's south location for a going away dinner for one of Roger's co-workers. It was amazing also. The food was to die for and our server Jenny was fabulous. We started with a small group and it kept growing and she handled us well. I'm sure she got a great tip because we all loved her. We had a really good time. I know we'll be going back again. I've never been to the original location, but I hear it's one of those hundred year old houses in central Austin so I'm sure this location was completely different as it was modern and hip. Roger's co-workers were really nice, a lot of fun and super entertaining. I love it when people entertain me. :)

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