Jun 11, 2008

Roger's New Doctors

Roger and I made it to Brook Army Medical Center this morning to meet his new radiation-oncologist and neurologist. We had very good appointments with both and learned a little more information from Roger's new neurologist who happens to be the chief of neurology and the TDRL neurologist. It was very peaceful to learn more about the temporary disabled retirement process which Roger will have to endure for another five years. Both are great doctors and we are very happy to have been assigned to them. Roger gave blood for his levels to be checked since his anti-seizure meds can affect liver enzymes and sodium greatly. He also scheduled his next MRI for July 1st. The labs and scans will establish a base line for his new doctors there even though they have access to all his previous records. Thank goodness military medical is all connected. It is kind of surprising though. We made a pit stop in San Marcos to wish Roger's sister Cathy happy birthday while she dined with Roger's parents. We had a good morning and Roger went back to work in the afternoon to ice cream sundaes and a going away happy hour. He's really liking his new job. :) As for Roger's physical therapy consultation on Monday, the therapist can tell he has more work to do. They figured some things out that he specifically needs to work on and will start doing physical therapy two days a week plus home exercises. And I'm going to help him work on his endurance with cardio like bicycling, walking and yoga. I'm trying to turn him into a yogi.

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