Jun 25, 2008

Updates and Pictures

Thank you all for praying for Xavier. He had a little improvement yesterday so please keep the prayers coming. You can read all about his journey on Amanda and Buddy's blog. Thanks again.

I received notification this morning that although I was qualified for the museum position I really desired, I was not among the highest qualified candidates so my application was not referred to the library and museum. I am disappointed, mainly because this was the only position in Austin that was remotely close to my interests. Now I will have to settle for some job I'm not excited about and could care a less about. That's the kind of job you want to go to every day. I knew with this position I would be excited every day because I'd be learning something new and something I wanted to learn and it would help me in the long run. Man, I'm going to need some prayer in this department.

Also, I posted pictures from some recent adventures: Roger's niece Ariana's 3rd birthday party, my newest niece Chloe Grace, my nephew William's recent visit and I'm working on the Hawaii pictures. I'll let you know when those are done. They'll take a while. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Aw, Holly. I'm so sorry you didn't get that position. :( I remember hearing you talk about how exciting it would be to work there.
I'll continue to pray for Xavier and his family as well as for you and yours.