Aug 4, 2008

42 Days of Hell

Yes, we are now on the 42nd straight day of 100 degree or greater temperatures. It's freakin' hot here. I went for a bike ride Sunday morning and decided it was too hot to continue so I only rode 8 miles. But hopefully Tropical Storm Edouard will bring us some much needed cooler temperatures and rain starting tomorrow evening. But knowing Texas summers, it will probably end up being a dud just like Dolly. We need more rain! We were at our friend Cynthia's birthday party last night at Eddie V's and the conversation turned to the heat and we were all saying how last summer none of us had to water our yards at all. But this summer our yards just can't win against the heat and drought.

Roger had to work all day Saturday. But he came home to some really great mail which was his Meritorious Service Medal that he was told he was put in for many months ago. What they had to say about him and his service in the recommendation for the award was very nice. Everything I already knew about him. It's his last military award and now he can finally take a last official photograph in his uniform with all his awards, medals, etc. As soon as we get the picture taken, we'll post it on Flickr. Here are some pictures of his award.


Anonymous said...

Roger / Holly -
I sent you an email @ roger's rr account - we have a wedding in Austin - this November.
I don't know how else to get a hold of you guys.
HOpe everything is well!

Cara (cousin)

BIG T said...

That's awesome! Congrats!!