Aug 12, 2008

Prayer Requests For Mexico

We're leaving this morning for our mission trip to the orphanage in Mexico. There are about 15 of us going from our church. I've briefly listed some prayer requests below. We'd really appreciate you praying for us. Thanks and see you in a few days.

Please pray for:
  • our safety driving there and back and across the border, in the heat, working on the repairs and with the food and water down there
  • us to be able to bless this orphanage as best we can, for us to have joy while we work and fellowship and to have peace with the repairs we can't get to this time
  • the children of the orphanage and the couple who run the orphanage to be blessed by us and for them to see God's love in us
  • us to be blessed by this service and for our fears and weaknesses to be drown out by the Lord's provision
  • (this is Roger chiming in) the Lord to take away my inhibitions when it comes to speaking Spanish so that I can be an effective communicator with the ninos
We might have a chance to blog while we're down there so check back. Adios!

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