Aug 25, 2008

Thank Goodness The Olympics Are Over

Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed the 2008 Summer Olympics. This will be an Olympics that I don't think too many people will forget for a long, long time. The pageantry of the Olympics in China was unbelievable and at many times also sad. I, as many other people probably, have a new found respect for the resiliency and fortitude of the Chinese people. I liked what President Bush said during his interview by Bob Costas in Beijing that even if our governments, meaning the USA and China, have many differences and disagreements, he has enormous respect for the Chinese people. I loved being able to watch so many sports and events. Thank goodness for DVR/Tivo. It was all very exciting. Still I am so glad they are over because I am exhausted from staying up late every night watching it all. Finally we can get back to a normal schedule and get to bed early.

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