Mar 3, 2009

3 Years!

I had brain surgery on March 3rd, 2006. It's weird to think about where I was and how far I have come. I am so glad to be home too! I spent the last hour going through blogs from Feb 2006 and on for a few months. Maaan.. I am so glad that is behind us. If you're interested, go here Blog Archive Feb 2006 and start and the bottom and read up. The real action starts in March 2006. You can see the dates on the right.

A million thanks to my Holly for being there every single day. I think she had a harder time than I did sometimes. Thanks to my family and many atsnks to our church family at Grace back in DC. We love you guys!

And today also happens to be my sister's birthday. Happy Birthday Mirna!

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Michelle said...

Holly, I've been meaning to ask you about your husband's brain tumor and where in your archives it starts. I will go and start reading. Continued blessings to you both!
Um, I also need you to come to my house and create some artwork in my house! :) GREAT WORK! GORGEOUS! You've done a wonderful job on the house!