Jul 10, 2011

Back to MD Anderson for follow-up

I have to make this a short one. I’ve been doing very well and am getting stronger every day. I’m still doing physical therapy three days a week from 8-9am. My therapist, Jacqueline, is a master. She is young but very creative and always knows how to challenge me, which I like. She is a Godsend! I started back to work (at home) a few weeks ago… four hours a day at first. This last week I bumped up to six hours per day. I go back to a full time schedule in late July. PT along with work has been challenging for me to stay energized all day long. I have to remember to eat well and get rest when I can. Amazingly, I am not napping during the day at all anymore, which means my endurance level is picking up.

Tomorrow and Tuesday (7/11-12) we head back to MD Anderson in Houston for a follow-up MRI and visit with my Neuro-Oncologist, Dr. Conrad. We pray that tumor has not grown back… will you pray with us? We have decided against doing radiation therapy this time around because my gains in PT are still very significant. Once I plateau, we’ll start with the radiation. I’ll post again later this week with the results of our visit. Thanks everyone! We feel your prayers.


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Amanda said...

Hey Rog and Holly! We will be praying for you guys! We love you guys!

Buddy, Amanda, and Xavier