Jul 9, 2011

So What Happened?

Okay, sorry we didn't blog after our last post. We got distracted and forgot. Well, we did get very busy. Anywho, we went in for the ultrasound on Monday, July 4th after another night of Follistim shot. My three eggs were now 20.8mm, 19.1mm and 21.5mm and the endometrium was 10.7mm. That was a lot of growth from the day before. Dr. K decided we were doing the IUI Tuesday regardless of the estrogen levels but I had to go give some blood samples just so they would know for the future what the levels were. So we drove up to St. David's Main again and gave blood real fast. Then we headed home and packed for a day at Lake Marble Falls with family and new friends. It was great. You can see pictures from the day by clicking on the image above. My pictures of the fireworks are awful so just imagine they were good. Dr. K called me later but I was out on a boat or in the lake and missed his call. He left a voicemail that my estrogen level was 270. So it more than doubled. It wasn't the 400 he was looking for but it was better and we were going through with the IUI the next morning anyway. I did ask him the next day what the estrogen level meant and he said it showed the quality of the eggs themselves. At full maturation they should be about 150 each for best results.

So the IUI happened the next morning about 10:30am. Roger was there with me which was nice. We waited our obligatory 10 minutes after laying down with my bottom elevated. We had time to pray before the procedure then more time after for more prayer. I have to wait to take a pregnancy test at home on July 19th. So until then, thanks for the prayers and keep on praying. Of course it would be nice to not have to do this again, but we will do whatever God wants us to do. Thanks for the love and support, Holly

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Deresa Wallace said...

Each time I read your posts it all sounds so organized and just perfected. I think about how much skill it takes just to keep it all together (I mean in real life, not on screen). It blows mind my when I try to imagine living your life and what a special couple it truly does take to do all of this and still have the faith that you do. I'm encouraged by you and thankful that you are willing to share your life with people, such as myself, that you've never even met. I'll keep you in my prayers and think wonderful baby thoughts for the both of you. God bless you!