May 3, 2004

First day of our Mob to Home station in Bryan went well. This morning after I showered, I had to fit all my toiletries into my bag – this is where the problems began. I have taken many short business and leisure trips, and usually just take a few items with me, but this time I had to bring everything, you know? EVERYthing! I soon realized that I might not be able to fit everything into my suitcase! You see, due to space limitations, I had to pack only one bag with everything that I would need for a few days, and then leave my year’s worth of clothes in my three other bags at home. Holly is bringing those to me in Bryan on Wednesday. Anyway, I had to readjust and move some stuff around, but w got it all to fit.

The Executive Officer (XO) and First Sergeant (we call him Top) arrived right at 1000 as planned. We loaded up everything and headed off for the 100 mile drive to Bryan from Austin. We got there right at 1200 and went to eat lunch at my favorite eating establishment, the Golden Corral. You know, it could be worse, they spread is decent enough and has enough variety to keep me fairly happy. Besides, I am sure that this food will be much better than the food up at Fort Hood. I ate mostly carbs to bulk up for the Physical Training (PT) test in the morning at lunch and dinner.

The rest of the afternoon went fine. We went over the game plan, got paperwork in order, and got internet access working for everyone in the unit. Since we are so high tech, we have only dial-up internet access. One person has to connect to the internet and then they share their connection to us wirelessly. We all have to share a measly 30k connection, but hey! It’s internet access, right? We’ll take what we can get.

Here at the hotel, we have high speed internet access in the breakfast area – I would die without internet access! Well, I need to get to bed, big PT test tomorrow.

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